May 02, 2009

Show #59: The Offense Continues to Struggle

Awaiting the return of Heap and GA.  What to do with Kelly?  What to do with KK?  And will the offense catch up to the pitching?



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  1. 26
    Leah Says:

    How sad is it that I’m almost content with the loss since we scored in the 9th inning due to a HR. I remember why JoJo gives me hives and agree completely with Steve…I want a bat bad! I too feel it’s time to give Hanson a try.

  2. 27
    BluesMan6885 Says:

    I don’t see how we can all be that surprised by the loss yesterday. I didn’t watch the whole game because when you think about Philadelphia’s offense against Jo-Jo Reyes…I just thought to myself. “Oh sh!t, that’s not gonna be pretty.” Curiosity got the best of me and I tuned in just before they started their rally. Jo-Jo the Clown is a fitting nickname for Mr. Reyes. I’ve never thought him to be a viable Major League pitcher. If he can just have another year to develop in AAA w/o being brought up. He’d make good trade bait. I don’t honestly think he can redeem his bad pitching performances.

    Dare I say it our offense looks like it’s finally starting to get it’s act together. Now that all our offensive power has returned. I’m fairly optimistic about how things will turn out.

  3. 28
    Bubdylan Says:

    Best win in a while because:

    1. Vazquez’s bad games seem like they are going to come for sure, but not going to come all that often. I love watching him pitch when he’s on. His mind seemed very focused and comfortable today.

    2. Mac is a ROCK STAR!!!!!! Couldn’t ask for a better answer to that question.

    3. Offense IS significantly better when all the horses are there.

    4. 3-1 so far on in-division road trip.

    5. No K’s for shafer, and I think that scorcher he hit in his last AB was that same insider that normally K’s him. Can somebody confirm that?

  4. 29
    Will Says:

    Does anyone else think that 1) Anderson was right to refuse AAA as it was based on an “i want to play” attitude not a rebellious attitude and 2) his low average doesn’t really reflect the positive impact he’s had on the offense since being back. I don’t have the stats but it just seems he’s crossing the plate time after time…Anyway, I’m liking this guy…

  5. 30
    Bubdylan Says:

    Will, I would have a hard time translating Anderson’s attitued into a good one. If he was in that big a hurry to play, he could have just said so. When he was questioned about it.

    But I could be wrong. Some people are just socially awkward. Soriano’s like that, but he’s proven he does have team spirit and drive. And even if Anderson’s attitude is somewhat bad, it’s not a team-cancer type damaging bad attitude. I said on the DOB blog when everyone screamed to cut him that we would be happy enough to have his bat before this season was over, even though I don’t personally care for him.

    I’m with you on #2. One of the most valuable things about Anderson in the 4th hole is that it keeps Chipper and McCann both in the spots where they are best. If Garret fails at clean-up, it’s kind of isolated, it’s less devestating than having the line-up completely goofed fidgeting over that spot. In the meantime, Anderson is too much a threat, low average and all, for the pitcher to go to sleep on. It puts everyone in a better position to do what they do best. And yeah, he seems way more impactful than his average indicates. In my opinions…

  6. 31
    Steve Says:

    I agree that GA’s refusal to go to Gwinnett was way more, “screw that, I’m a vet and don’t have to do it,” than “get me on the field, coach, I want to help the team.” That said, this team, abeit over only two games, seems a hell of lot more potent with a 3-4-5 of Chipper/GA/Heap than anything else we’ve seen this year. And yeah, Bub – giving the other guys pitches to hit is a HUGE part of it. Let’s just freaking win on Sunday so that I can feel good about things for a little while. Hopefully Myers will bring even less than KK …

  7. 32
    Garrett Says:

    I did it all for the nookie

  8. 33
    Will Says:

    I will agree with you Steve but I also think we should respect “screw that, I’m a vet and don’t have to do it,” because he shows some serious sack taking that stance. He’s a quiet leader, too, not much to say with words but fairly straightforward in actions. I think that is a good attitude, although perhaps it is a bit too detached for the sound bite world ..ultimately his #s will speak loudest..

  9. 34
    Bubdylan Says:

    How ’bout the Coxster with the savvy bullpen use, eh? I hope it’s not like that movie “Awakening” where the guy snaps out of his retardedness, but it turns out it’s only temporary.

  10. 35
    Leah Says:

    That was savvy. Hey guys, where is this week’s podcast? Did you think your audience would let you off for Mother’s Day?

  11. 36
    Bubdylan Says:

    Give us our fix, guys, or Leah and I are gonna riot.

  12. 37
    Bubdylan Says:

    Random fact while we wait for the podcast: Around this time last year, the Braves were 5 – 7 versus lefty starters. So far this year they’re 7 – 4 against LHP. Grasping at straws with Santana coming up….

  13. 38
    Steve Says:

    Bub and Leah – thanks for fervor. The last two Saturday nights were exceptions due to some weird scheduling stuff going on for us. We’re back on our Sunday night schedule. The show should be posted in about an hour. Thanks.

  14. 39
    Bubdylan Says:

    An HOUR?!

    Awugh. ……. soooooo…….. I guess I could play me some Zoo Tycoon II for an hour.

    (wish I was kidding…)

  15. 40
    Curt Says:

    Best stat coming out of today: Braves are 4-2 vs. the Phils. Last year they went 4-14 against them. So barring a complete disaster, I like where we are headed.

    Casey Kotchman is my hero.

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