June 08, 2009

Show #64: Tom Glavine Released

The Braves sever ties with Tom Glavine.  The Nate McLouth trade.  Jordan Schafer sent down.  And Frenchy’s 2 run homer against the Cubs.



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  1. 1
    Will Says:

    One request- can you get the programmers for your website to somehow allow us to click on the comments button and not have it interrupt the podcast…I’m used to it and should know better..but Im always finding myself forgetting and wanting to comment mid-podcast…and then cutting the podcast off…

    Anyway, after hearing all the comments about Glavine vs. Braves, trying to digest it all…it reminds me of General Motors or some other dis-functional company that tries to justify unhealthy business practices on the need to “focus on the bottom line”….Ice in the veins is good but if the decision ultimately hurts the franchise, it is a bad decision. With both Smoltz and Glavine they ultimately made franchise-damaging, bad decisions. The message sent to me is one of incompetence, not ruthless business acumen that will pay off in championships. McLouth was ok…but pales in comparison to the terd they laid with the Glavine decision. I think this is HORRIBLE. You lose him as a potential pitching coach or face in the front office. There is tremendous negative psychic baggage that will impact future players in every contract negotiation. Wren isn’t Steinbrenner. Steinbrenner at least owns the company and can justify his decisions from the perspective of “its my money, you go out and make some money, buy the Yankees, then you can tell us what to do”. Wren is just a flunky for Liberty Media, a conglomerate mishmash looking out for “shareholder values”. GAWD. The beauty of what happened in the 90s is being sullied by a bunch of complete frikking morons.

  2. 2
    Will Says:

    The saddest thing about what I just wrote is that 1995 was 14 years ago..I remember it like yesterday….and “the 90’s” were 9 years ago…God….I belong in a retirement home or working for VH1…pass the cyanide pill.

  3. 3
    Leah Says:

    I’m still on the fence as far as Glavin goes. I too wish it was handled differently but if somehow it gives us a better chance this season then I can’t pretend not to appreciate boldness from the front office. I’m encouraged about the season because I feel like the front office is more likely to make another bold move and get another bat. BTW I gave you guys a shoutout on Fox Sports South’s FB page so get ready for the throngs of new listeners you will receive…some of which I am sure are legends. Your welcome.

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    Steve Says:

    Hey Leah – thanks so much for that shout out. Don’t be shy about doing that kind of thing in the future, too! So, are you on the fence in anyway about Glavine because of his departure to the Mets or the union stuff? I ask earnestly. There are just so many opinions about it out there. For me, I’m really getting more and more mad about it the more it sinks in. I just think the organization needs to be trotting out Glavine, Smoltz, Maddux, and Chipper for the next 50 years and they’ve blown half the list in a matter of 6 months.

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    Leah Says:

    Steve, I hesitate to answer because I don’t really have a clue what I’m talking about. I knew nothing about baseball until I moved to Atlanta in ’98. My daughter was an infant, I knew no one and shared a car with my husband. All that leads to long days at home with nothing on tv but…TBS…Atlanta Braves. I would write questions down and ask my husband when he got home. So here I am, a psycho, in need of much therapy Atlanta Braves fan. I missed the glory years of Glavin, Smoltz and Maddux so I don’t have the allegiance some may have. Baseball isn’t good for me for two conflicting reasons: I am nothing if not loyal…I hate when anyone is traded, but I HATE to lose…any game. So to answer your question, I feel badly for how Glavine was handled because people I trust say it was mishandled. I would love to see all those guys back for a huge ceremony or coaching rookies or well for any reason (how’s Glavine at hitting?). But if releasing him so we don’t have to lose two games for him to prove he’s spent keeps us in the hunt then I won’t complain. Basically, I want to win…now. I hated to hear three “fouls” when you were talking about the hope for this season (or maybe you were on the fence…can’t remember). I’m happy to see changes being made even if they ruffle feathers. All do respect to those who wear an Atlanta Braves uniform but if your not producing your expendable. Does that answer your question? Thanks for the podcast. You guys help keep this simple minded home maker in the “know”.

  6. 6
    Will Says:

    Liking this power surge….zzzzttt

  7. 7
    Leah Says:

    It’s a good thing Soriano gets strikeouts cause he sure doesn’t watch runners. Adam LaRoche? Really? Braves gotta win this one.

  8. 8
    Leah Says:

    Finally! So glad Curt didn’t have to spank his children.

  9. 9
    Will Says:

    KK looked good again…was GA at fault for letting Freddy Sanchez stretch his hit to center into a triple? as in was GA lazy? Looked like it…anyone else think that?

  10. 10
    Leah Says:

    Will, are you starting to feel like all the other ABT fans have been sucked into the vortex of Bubdylan? Yes, GA looked lazy and if Frenchy had been thrown out at home due to his trot halfway down the line I would be at Turner Field holding a picket sign right now. Come to think of it I may have been able to catch the game tonight. Oh well.

  11. 11
    Steve Says:

    GA certainly looks lazy and uninterested at times. And does not always look like the professional hitter at the plate we were promised. That said, two hits last night. And nice to see some homers.

  12. 12
    Hamilton Says:

    I think that the defense from the corner outfield positions is pretty much atrocious. GA is lazy and wimpy, Frenchy looks drunk, Diaz is no Gold Glover. That said, I would much rather have them hit (and know how to lay down a friggin sac bunt).

  13. 13
    Steve Says:

    Just got back from the stadium. Had my day with a press pass. Interviewed Kelly Johnson, Huddy, and David Ross. They were all cool. And I got some good stuff.
    And a great game tonight. Although the 5 and 6 slot of GA and Norton was painful to watch. And speaking of painful to watch, GA is becoming more and more of a liability in the field as he becomes more sullen and withdrawn (I’m theorizing there, but he certainly looks sullen and withdrawn).
    4 1/2 games out!

  14. 14


  15. 15
    Leah Says:

    Steve, I can’t wait to hear the next podcast! I’m trying to imagine what you asked KJ. How’s Huddy feeling? So excited! Good game last night. Nice to come from behind again. Every time McClouth comes to the plate I think…what if that were still Jordan Schafer.

  16. 16
    Mark Says:

    OF COURSE he was in a position where he needed to “make the club”…

    Glavine was given a contract because, coming off injury, he had the potential to come back and build back strength to get his velocity where it was before he was hurt. He didn’t.

    People talk about how Glavine’s velocity was down and the apologists say “when was it ever up”. That argument is crap.

    The reason Glavine was successful was at the major league level was because he could “change speed”. His change-up was his bread and butter. However it was his bread and butter because it was 12 to 14 miles an hour different from his fastball.

    If a batter is sitting on the change-up, Glavine could throw his fastball by you at 86 – 88 miles an hour. However, when your change-up is 74 – 76 miles an hour and your fastball is 82 – 84, you are not going to get major league hitters out. You might look good against A and AA players because they are not used to a major league change-up, but major league batters are going to eat you alive.

    Additionally, he had become a five inning pitcher, thus having the potential to tax our bullpen EVERY fifth start.

    Where was his apology when he lead the Braves to believe he was going to sign with them and then took the Met’s offer?

  17. 17
    Anne Says:

    Steve – to your comment about, “the organization needs to be trotting out Glavine, Smoltz, Maddux, and Chipper for the next 50 years and they’ve blown half the list in a matter of 6 months.” Did anyone just see the crawl @ the bottom of the Peachtree TV game broadcast that they’re retiring Maddux’s number next month following a game? July 17th, I think. Everyone listens to Steve.

  18. 18
    Curt Says:

    I don’t

  19. 19
    Steve Says:

    Mark – I agree with everything you said from an on the field perspective. I have little doubt that Glavine did not look good and was going to get shelled out there against big leaguers. And I get that you squarely fall in the camp of the holding a grudge because of his departure to the Mets. There is clearly hypocrisy all over any of these conversations as both sides (players and owners) play the loyalty card and then both sides typically just go for the money. But, I still believe with a guy like Glavine and with his almost singular history with the club, with this team starving for an enduring identity and the need to nurture multi generations to love the team, keep coming back, turn their kids on to the team, etc., that you end it differently. You work with Glavine, make him part of the decision making process so that it’s a unified message with no acrimony. Instead, the guy you likely signed as a knee jerk reaction to mitigate the fall out of the Smoltz departure has now become part of the PR nightmare.

    And that’s one of your myriad problems, Curt.

  20. 20
    Tracie Says:

    The 5 aces are gone…The saga is over…Those were the days. Im a die hard Tom Glavine/Braves fan and have been for years…I remember gettin his autograph in 1995…on his 88 fleer rookie card…That was his most valuable card…It broke my heart when I heard the news on ESPN…it made me feel like I did when he went to the Mets…only much worse. Baseball has been disappointing me so much lately…all the steroids…boo hoo

  21. 21
    Leah Says:

    This road trip scares me. Do I even want to watch? I’ll be at Disney World with the family so maybe I’ll be too distracted to care. I may have to go the way of Bub…pretend it’s not happening. Sad sad business.

  22. 22
    Anne Says:

    Good lord we’re all a cheery bunch lately. I’m not going to The Ted for a game until June 22nd but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up hope nor will I stop watching. Rally on 2 like we always do, people.

  23. 23
    Leah Says:

    Trying…i’m just so tired of hovering at .500.

  24. 24
    Corky's Mom Says:

    With all the Braves news of the past week, we’ve forgotten what’s important: Saturday 6 June 2009, 6am: The White Sox have designated catcher Corky Miller for assignment. Miller played in 14 games for the White Sox this season and he was 8 for 39 (.205 avg, .544 OPS) with 5 runs scored and 5 RBIs. The White Sox felt that they needed a better backup catcher so that they could give A.J. Pierzynski more days off the rest of the year and that was the main reason Miller was let go.

  25. 25
    Steve Says:

    Good God – this bottom of the 7th against the O’s is unbearable.

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