July 05, 2009

Show #68: Did the Phillies Series Mark a True Turnaround?

The sweep of the Phils:  does it mean anything?  Should we trade Vazquez?  Has Frenchy been benched?  And discussing Bobby’s uncharacteristic moves.



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  1. 101
    Bubdylan Says:

    Steve, I laughed my tail off at that article. That’s some serious funny.

    “When was the last time your garbage can swung at a slider halfway to Peoria?”

  2. 102
    Bubdylan Says:

    btw, our record since (and including) the Philly sweep is now a very plump 8-4. I think a win tomorrow would answer this week’s question (waaaaaaaaay up there at the top of the page) to the affirmative. Might even be true without a win tomorrow.

    But those three post-surgery bullpen guys worry me, the way Bobby burns ’em up nightly. Gonzo’s down. How in the hell Soriano has held it together given his history is beyond me. But just to show how clueless Bobby is about it, he’s on the phone with Charlie Manuel tonight trying to get Soriano into the all-star game now that some other reliever is unavailable. Re. tar. ded.

  3. 103
    BluesMan6885 Says:

    I was elated to see Lowe pitch as if he never faltered…props to KK as well for how well he tamed the Cubs. I’m not quite sure about Medlen…all I can say is that he’s got a lot in the tank and a bright future ahead of him. I feel a lot easier knowing he’s gonna start on Sunday instead of Jo-Jo the Circus Clown (as well as not having Bennett or Carlyle in the bullpen). It’s nice to see our offense be more consistent. Not sure what to think about Ryan Church. Better than Frenchy, I’m not convinced that he really is when push comes to shove.

    I’d like to think that maybe the ‘Beast from the East’ is beginning to FINALLY come out of hibernation. Not that there’s going to be a lot of competition in the East this year…you heard it here first…I think the division will come down to the Braves & the Marlins. The Mets are DONE…& frankly I’m surprised that Philly is playing as well as they are…in the end that offense ain’t gonna be enough.

  4. 104
    Shep Says:

    Great coup for the Braves. Bravo Omar Minaya! You really are amazing.

    Now, coupla things left to do:

    Heyward matures
    Anderson taken out back and shot
    Pull that bullpen together
    Freeman traded with Kotchman for actual 1b power bat
    your in business (probably in a 2010 kinda way…)

  5. 105
    Will Says:

    Is anyone else starting to like Frank Wren?
    ok we coulda handled smoltz and glavine better…but other than that not so bad..Im writing this just having read his DOB interview.
    And maybe the Bobby Redemption Tracker? other than burning our bullpen..hes been popping some Viagra recently

  6. 106
    Will Says:

    That was pathetic

  7. 107
    Leah Says:

    Thank goodness for the allstar break. Let KC, Escobar get well and the bull pen rest. I’m ready to see Infante and Hudson on the field. Anybody know how close we are?

  8. 108
    Wiley Says:

    Hudson is scheduled August 25th against the Padres

  9. 109
    Steve Says:

    Another gut punch today. Should have had all 4 games. Ugh. Leah – Infante is supposed to begin some rehab starts after the All Star Break. So it will be a few weeks before we see him back.

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