July 26, 2009

Show #71: We Sit Down with Mitch Evans, Sports Director at WGST

Mitch plays Fair or Foul to discuss the Braves’ playoff chances, Hudson’s role with the team, and Garrett Anderson’s attitude.



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  1. 51
    Curt Says:

    no. they brought up Canizares to play tonight.

  2. 52
    Anne Says:

    Had I only mentioned it was free t-shirt night, I’d have gotten a taker for my extra ticket. Batting practice ongoing OUTdoors, though weather threatens. Go Braves!

  3. 53
    Anne Says:


  4. 54
    Steve Says:

    THUD indeed. It was like “first half of the season” night out there with automatic outs scattered across half of the lineup. And I am bummed about Kotchman. I always believed he’d get a hit when he came up to bat. I never had that feeling with LaRoche. And I don’t really buy that this bolsters our offense that dramatically. AND, Bobby was getting ready to put Kotchman at the top of the order next week. Dammit!

  5. 55
    Leah Says:

    I’ll “enjoy” watching the rest of the season but have lost all hope with this trade. Has the Braves organization forgotten how Adam ruined Mother’s Day a few years ago? Cause I haven’t! I liked Kotchman and it would have been fun next week to see Hammy and Curt bowing in reverance to Steve’s wisdom and perseption of future lineups. Oh well. My thoughts about baseball sound a lot like Curt’s tweets right now.

  6. 56
    Hamilton Says:

    The Kotchman deal was idiotic – truly. I have been trying to talk myself into it since it was official, and I just can’t. Whether it is valid or not, I can’t help but feel that we got duped by the Red Sox. Maybe Bobby got sick of not being able to sit around and wait for the long ball? As Steve said asked in an email yesterday, what is the Braves long-term plan at 1B or even next year’s plan? Freeman? Canizares? This is a real head-scratcher. My post All Star break confidence has been shaken. Only winning this series against LA will help.

  7. 57
    Chris in Boston Says:

    I was never a fan of LaRoche and was glad to see him go the first time, but it’s not like Kotchman was George Sisler. This is a gamble that LaRoche will have his customarily strong second half. And it’s a contract dump: LaRoche is a free agent after the year, so we’ll get some draft picks; that’s better than what was going to happen with Kotchman, who would have been non tendered after the season. We’ll probably get 5 extra HR’s out of this, and in a tight wild card race, that’s useful. This trade is as much about 2010 and beyond as it is about ’09. Freeman is the guy to be thinking about here.

  8. 58
    Leah Says:

    I here what you’re saying Chris and I hope you’re right about the homers. Adam looked good tonight and I hope he continues. I guess it’s hard for me to look to next year when I really really want to win this year. CK was unbelievable at 1st and I seem to remember LaRoche almost falling asleep at times when he played for us before.

  9. 59
    Steve Says:

    Nice win today. The wins are always good. And the defensive drop-off with LaRoche is really small. He’s a damn good fielder. And 2 for 3 with a walk today. He is clearly better than Kotchman who got zero hits tonight. Need I say more?

  10. 60
    Anne Says:

    Early morning fortune cookie wisdom: LaRoche is future of today. Freeman is future of tomorrow.

  11. 61
    BluesMan Says:

    Good point Steve,
    My only concern regarding LaRoche’s defense is that he gels with the middle infielders so we can retain the great defense we’ve had so far this latter half of the season. He’s played w/ Chipper for 3 years, he’ll have that ‘rust’ worked out by tomorrow at the latest. I didn’t follow the Braves very closely apart from the ‘Baby Braves’ year. So my concerns are out of ignorance…I guess research is in order.

  12. 62
    BluesMan Says:

    So far this year…Adam LaRoche has committed one error (that was w/ the Pirates). His fielding pct is .999 w/ them, perfect w/ Boston & us. I feel much better about this trade after doing some research on his stats.

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