August 30, 2009

Show #76: Two Series Losses to Close Out August

The Padres and Phillies Series.  Tim Hudson’s return to the rotation.  Troubles in center field.  And a contentious Post Season Hope Meter.



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  1. 26
    Steve Says:

    I freaking love Ice K. Although seeing Goldar used earnestly in a post is funny as hell, too. An embarrassment of riches, really.
    What a tremendous game tonight. Breaking the game 1 curse, overcoming a no-hitter for 5+, taking down their best starter, and, finally, K-Thron (I’m throwing it in the ring) pitching a TREMENDOUS game. 3 measly games back in the Wild Card.

  2. 27
    Curt Says:

    Space Giants was known as Ambassador Magma in Japan. I know Ambassador Magma doesn’t roll off of the tongue as a nickname, but it’s pretty awesome. Will, we need a kicking Japanese nickname. Did KK have a nickname when he pitched over there? Mr. Happy Throw or something?

  3. 28
    Will Says:

    Lice K

    he has a habit of scratching before the windup and frequently was seen with Harajuku girls in the off season…him and Dervish


    ill get right on it… I recall RODAK was the badda$$ alien in Space Giants with awful teeth who used to deal pain from his fly spaceship in orbit…Goldar was kind of mincy with tight pants and long har, sort of David Lee Roth.

  4. 29
    Will Says:

    Ok. According to my in depth research of one colleague at work who is a pretty huge baseball fan, Kenshin Kawakami didn’t have a nickname but was called “Kenshin” by his manager and the fans. This is because Kenshin is a somewhat rare Japanese name. Everybody in Japan associates it with this guy:

    I guess its like being called Rommell or maybe Stonewall. This guy Kenshin Uesugi was called Bishamonten – or “God of War”. Not bad…

  5. 30
    Curt Says:

    well done Will-son

  6. 31
    Hammy Says:

    Weren’t Rodak’s minions called the Lugo Men? I am loving this trip down memory lane. Can we call A-Rod “Silvar”?

  7. 32
    Bubdylan Says:

    10 Points Awarded to Hammy.

  8. 33
    Steve Says:

    We’ve been working to get a one on one interview with Dale Murphy for the past 6 months and it looks like it has all come together. If everything plays out as it should, the interview will be up this week. I’ll keep you updated. And, if I may impose, please consider places (blogs, message boards, etc.) you’d be willing to get the word out (again, only if you’re comfortable with that kind of shameless plugging – if not, don’t give it another thought). We’re insanely pumped and proud of being able to interview Dale and we want to tell all the Braves fans out there. More to come.

  9. 34
    Leah Says:

    I always mention the show on Fox Sports South Fb feed. This will be an extra special plug. I try to tell them I don’t work for ABT but not sure if they believe me.

  10. 35
    Steve Says:

    Thanks, Leah. It is always appreciated. Now, c’mon Huddy!

  11. 36
    Anne Says:

    Assuming Mr. & Mrs. Huddy are podcast subscribers: I will give a significant donation to the Hudson Family Foundation if Huddy gets a W tonight. C’mon, Tim, I know you can.

  12. 37
    Curt Says:

    Nice article about Hanson and his side kick.

  13. 38
    Bubdylan Says:

    Steve, that’s great news re: the Murph. Looking forward to it.

    Go Huddy, Go Braves!

  14. 39
    Will Says:

    further important research for you…

  15. 40
    Bubdylan Says:

    I think this will link to a Matt Diaz interview with MLB Network after last night’s game if y’all haven’t seen it.

    Good stuff. Matt always handles himself well.

  16. 41
    Leah Says:

    Great interview Matty D! Since he tipped his hat to me in early August he’s been on fire…just sayin. Ice K is my fav and not just cause Bub said it.

    Are we going to get to play ball tonight?

  17. 42
    Anonymous Says:

    Ice K is my fav

    :) :) :)

    and not just cause Bub said it.

    :( :( :(

  18. 43
    Bubdylan Says:

    Dangit all.

  19. 44
    Leah Says:

    Gwn Braves are beating Durham Bulls. I know you all were curious…I’m here for ya. It feels FUBAR to want the Phillies to win.

  20. 45
    Will Says:

    Of all of them, I like Ice K the best too.

    A-Rod is Chinpokomon…

    is suppose it helps to know that Chin… means…er….the male organ.

    A-Rod becomes… D*** Pocket Monster…fitting.

    South Park kills me.

    Sorry for the gutter humor, won’t let it happen again.

  21. 46
    Will Says:

    I suppose it helps, that is.

  22. 47
    Leah Says:

    Umm…Jo Jo is on the mound. After his team mate hits a grand slam he takes the mound and walks lead off batter. Good ole JoJo.

    Bub, they don’t know your comments are my favorite. I’m trying to be diplomatic. You know how Will get’s his feelings hurt so easily. I lucky Taylor’s still talking to me after I called him a chick and well, you heard Curt in the podcast. Dude needs a hug. I don’t think Steve and Hammy give that guy any attention.

  23. 48
    Tcc Says:

    Kenshinkomon just called me and wanted to know “is this game gonna ever get started”? He actually speaks English better than he lets on.

  24. 49
    Bubdylan Says:

    Thanks, Leah. Whew.

    Mets and Phils are winning. YAY! (yeah, a strange feeling.)

  25. 50
    Bubdylan Says:

    Frenchy with an RBI, but no hit. Imagine that?

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