August 30, 2009

Show #76: Two Series Losses to Close Out August

The Padres and Phillies Series.  Tim Hudson’s return to the rotation.  Troubles in center field.  And a contentious Post Season Hope Meter.



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  1. 176
    Anne Says:

    Yeah…listening to dramaturgical lectures about August Strindberg (instead of fretting over the Bravos) seems to be the best choice I’ve made in a while!

    Bobby could go direct Damn Yankees over his winter break.

  2. 177
    Bubdylan Says:

    Hey guys. My internet is wonky. I see I missed a rough game. You guys be good. I’m really up against it this weekend. Thank goodness for the extra off day.

    See you when I can. Go Braves!!!

  3. 178
    Curt Says:

    Bub has a big beer pong tournament on Saturday afternoon

  4. 179
    Tcc Says:

    Ryan Church just busted his way into my Top 5 All Time Favorite People.

  5. 180
    Curt Says:

    Did I mention my Cincinnati Reds podcast coming next season?

  6. 181
    Tcc Says:

    Sorry Ryan, you just got bumped by Nate.

  7. 182
    Tcc Says:

    Curt..don’t be a hater. A despairer is ok, but not a hater, K?

  8. 183
    Curt Says:

    Sorry Tcc, it’s an old joke. I made some comment that if Bobby was the manager next year I was going to become a Reds fan. It was the most random team I could come up with. I’ll never abandon my team.

  9. 184
    Tcc Says:

    No problemo. We’re all on the same side here! ABT has made me a more knowledgeable fan and a more critical one too. I was a BC apologist for a long time. Not anymore. Thanks to you and Steve and Hamilton.

  10. 185
    Tcc Says:

    geez..happy holiday weekend everyone.

  11. 186
    Bubdylan Says:

    162 x 3 hours = 486 hours.

    …which equals 20 days.

    Bobby Cox owes me a three week vacation.

  12. 187
    Curt Says:

    I used to get all fired up when Bobby went out to argue with the umps. Now I think he just looks foolish. Like some old guy telling you to get off of his lawn. And when was the last time the Braves rallied after he got tossed? Isn’t that supposed to inspire the team? They just don’t react anymore.

  13. 188
    Bubdylan Says:

    He looks completely lost at his craft, Curt. Continuing to re-hire him is just irresponsible.

  14. 189
    Curt Says:

    and yet……

  15. 190
    Steve Says:

    You look at tonight’s line-up, even without Escobar, and it looks potent. 10 times better than what we were trotting out there in the first third of the season, and yet, here we are, being 1 hit by Kip Wells. Ugly. Painful. And ugly.

  16. 191
    Leah Says:

    Durham Bulls just clinched 2009 South Division title. Fun to cheer for a winning team. Trying to get over my disappointment and be able to watch the Braves again…trying.

  17. 192
    Leah Says:

    Player of the game? The Skipper.

  18. 193
    Tcc Says:

    163 days until Pitchers and Catchers report. Happy Football Season everyone..

  19. 194
    Bubdylan Says:

    Hey guys. Didn’t even look at the score today. As of now, I still don’t know it. Makes me feel so… alive?

    Here’s a happy song for this sad crowd. Happy Labor Day everybody. Hope you and yours are well.

  20. 195
    Steve Says:

    1 – 0 Reds, bottom of the 4th. Sorry Bub – it’s killing me one piece at a time and I’m bringing others down with me!

  21. 196
    Leah Says:

    I’ve been kind of keeping up with the score today which is an improvement. Yesterday I was pretending the Braves didn’t exist. Maybe by Tuesday I can watch a game again.

  22. 197
    Will Says:

    Men Without Bats….

  23. 198
    Anonymous Says:

    I’m going to slit my wrists NOW before the upcoming depressing podcast forces me to. Men Without Bats. NICE.

  24. 199
    Leah Says:

    Come on new podcast. Balm in gilead.

  25. 200
    Will Says:

    #200 !!!

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