October 04, 2009

Show #82: We Sit Down with Chip Caray

Chip discusses the end of the season, Skip, and the playoffs.  And we review the final week of the season.



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  1. 51
    Leah Says:

    I would be bold as brass if I was confident in my knowledge of the system. Also math has never been my strong suit so all those numbers make me nervous. That’s why I like this community. It makes me baseball smart.

  2. 52
    Smudge Says:


  3. 53
    Smudge Says:

    “If I was confident”…”were confident”? I guess grammer isn’t my strong suit either.

  4. 54
    Steve Says:

    ., there ain’t no way it’s going to be Dan Uggla. We’ve got a 2nd baseman and his name is Martin Prado. Martin will be our starting 2nd basemen in 2010. And the big bat will be patrolling some position in the outfield. Believe it.

  5. 55
    Wiley Says:

    I agree with Curt. DOB, I think it was him, made a great point that Uggla is a subpar fielder (to put it mildly) and his average was a low 243 and not to mention 150 K’s. Even though he did hit 31 HRs, I hope we can set our sights a bit higher than Uggla

    But he would be better than nothing.

    Go Bravos!

  6. 56
    Leah Says:

    I will NOT accept “better than nothin”. I want Ryan Howard’s equal. Uggla may be good lookin but Prado is the man.

  7. 57
    . Says:


  8. 58
    . Says:

    “I want Ryan Howard’s equal.”


    Leah, that’s the only way for teams with any payroll restrictions at all to have Ryan Howard’s equal. The good news is, we do have him…

    Patience + Dan Uggla = Dynasty

  9. 59
    Leah Says:

    I love it .! I’m ready! Where do you plan on putting Uggla?

  10. 60
    . Says:

    I would like to point out another similarity between Hanson and Heyward: they’re both big men.

    This isn’t a small thing (no pun…). I have no statistical evidence, nor any intention of finding any, cuz I have the blogger’s golden key: a hunch. When big men enter the majors, it gives them a huge (no pun…) advantage over a regular sized guy with the same skill set.

    Baseball is mental, and the opposing pitchers (or in Hanson’s case, opposing hitters) aren’t immune to the ancient mystique of big dudes. Baseball is a game of confidence and rhythm, and it’s as much about the opponent’s confidence and rhythm as it is your own. Basically, the pitcher isn’t going to feel about Heyward the same way he would a smaller rookie. He’s going to have a little fear. Conversely, Heyward himself will have less. That’s just how it goes with big men. Especially when they have a calm head.

    Bring him up now and slay the East.

  11. 61
    . Says:

    Leah, Uggla at second, Prado at third.

  12. 62
    . Says:

    *I’m talking comPLETEly out of my ass and I can’t seem to stop…

  13. 63
    Leah Says:

    I’ve got your back, . , when it comes to Heyward but I’m not so sure about Uggla. We need an outfielder way worse. You know Bobby will start Chipper. No way he sits on the bench and as pretty as Dan’s eyes are he doesn’t always field the ball very well. And, well you’re still my favorite…letters or no letters.

  14. 64
    Steve Says:

    ., not to bring reality into it, but where does Chipper go? Because both he and the team have said he’s not moving to 1st (nor does it make sense – he’d be brutal there). So, in the Uggla fantasy, either Prado or Chipper are on the bench?

  15. 65
    . Says:

    Steve, first you say “not to bring reality into it,” and then you say something that does do that. Why do you want to hurt me?

    (Prado to bench until Chipper is hurt or batting below .240, then Prado to 3rd.

    In other words, Prado plays 3rd 100 games or more)

    Bobby won’t have anything to do with it. In Bubworld, Bobby will have been declared mentally unfit by Frank Wren in a scandalous news conference revealing Bobby’s secret 5 year french kissing relationship with the Gatorade cooler.)

  16. 66
    . Says:

    I weirded everybody out again?

  17. 67
    Leah Says:

    Not me. I’m just busy enjoying one last day at the beach. Love the mental image of BC kissing the gatorade cooler.

  18. 68
    . Says:

    What the hell is Jeff Francoeur about to do with this ball?


  19. 69
    . Says:

    ( that ^ isn’t anything dirty. I just mean… his approach… what could it mean?)

    Alright, beer run.

  20. 70
    Steve Says:

    Bub – seriously, what is your obsession with Uggla? Are you messing with us or what?

  21. 71
    Steve Says:

    Mark my words, Pedro gets shelled on Saturday.

  22. 72
    . Says:

    Steve, I just like Uggla. I like known commodities. Like Adam Dunn would have been this year.

    But I have no idea if he’s the best option for the Braves. I think Atlanta is in a position of need, but also in a position of strength (trading pitching), so mostly I’m just being goofy, trusting Wren to get somebody good. There will be a bunch of stuff on his table, and I expect him to pick the best bat he can get for the most reasonable cost.

  23. 73
    . Says:

    Ugh. Tex won it for the Yanks. That is just nightmare.

    I can. not. freaking. stand. the. yankees.

    If they start winning championships with that payroll of theirs, I’m going to quit watching the sport. Seriously.

  24. 74
    Tcc Says:

    Phillies @ Rockies “snowed out” Weather bummer for the boys of Summer!

  25. 75
    Leah Says:

    Oh Smoltzie…playing in the post season…looking like the bearded wonder.

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