December 06, 2009

Show #87: The Braves Retool the Bullpen with Wagner and Saito

Billy Wagner and Takashi Saito join the Braves’ bullpen.  Revisiting 1st base.  And clearing up that Bob Rathbun hire.



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  1. 401
    Santa Says:


  2. 402
    Bubdylan Says:


  3. 403
    Bubdylan Says:

    *faints in disappointment*

  4. 404
    Tcc Says:

    Santa had my back! Now lets have that new show!

  5. 405
    Bubdylan Says:

    Show #88: Dr. Andrews on Leah’s Thumb, “Never Seen Anything Like It.”

  6. 406
    Tcc Says:

    Show #88: Dr. Andrews on Leah’s Thumb, “Never Seen Anything Like It.” Bless her Heart!

  7. 407
    Bubdylan Says:

    Show #88: Guest Bob Rathbun Reads from his Memoirs

  8. 408
    Bubdylan Says:

    ERA predictions, 2010, cuz I just lost my damn mind.

    Hanson: 2.25
    Jurrjens: 2.18
    Hudson: 3.12
    Vazquez: 3.05
    Kawakami: 2.90 (yep) (shut up) (I said shut up)

    Lowe: 8.96 (Out for the season after three games with a broken brainbone)

  9. 409
    I like baseball Says:

    Show#88. How sad is ILB for missing such a great party? Even Santa showed up. Stupid church small group. Oh well, my thumbs would have fallen off anyway. Great job guys…so proud. *sheds tear*

  10. 410
    Tcc Says:

    “Broken Brainbone” sometimes fatal but not necessarily career ending. Just sayin’

  11. 411
    Steve Says:

    Loved the guess the show titles. Hilarious. Really made my day. 1 hour until show time.

  12. 412
    Steve Says:

    JJ – changed your link. Thanks for the heads up.

  13. 413
    Jurrjens4NLCY Says:

    Steve –


  14. 414
    Jurrjens4NLCY Says:


    You were on DOB’s blog? You remeber Paul Lentz right?

  15. 415
    Bubdylan Says:

    JJ, just to save some time here, I was the guy who posted as Derek Lowe. 8)

    Don’t tell anybody I cuss.

  16. 416
    Tcc Says:

    Steve, I download the show from itunes so I can listen on my ipod, but there is a delay factor. Sometimes itunes seems quick to have your show, sometimes it’s like 24 hours or more. What’s the process?

  17. 417
    Steve Says:

    Tcc – the iTunes sweep process is inconsistent. I typically get the show posted to our website sometime between 11pm and midnight, ET. iTunes then “sees it” as a result of some periodic check to our site. I have no idea about the timing or the schedule. I’ve seen it up there an hour after I post sometimes. Sorry not to be more help.

  18. 418
    Tcc Says:

    Steve, I suspect itunes is a bunch of AL fans. Bastards!

  19. 419
    Jurrjens4NLCY Says:


    HAHA That was the best. I have your IP address now


  20. 420
    Bubdylan Says:

    That IP address is worth a cash reward in some states.

  21. 421
    Jurrjens4NLCY Says:

    Which ones?

    I could use a few bucks

  22. 422
    Jurrjens4NLCY Says:

    You also posted as DOB and Robert the Nero.

    Nice email btw – freak.

  23. 423
    Jurrjens4NLCY Says:


    you still post on the DOB site, are you cheating on us?

  24. 424
    Bubdylan Says:

    lol, that email is made up. I forgot what I put.

    I don’t post on the DOB site much. Honest. Honey, it was just one kiss. On the cheek!

  25. 425
    Jurrjens4NLCY Says:

    Are you the president of the Pal Lentz fan club

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