December 20, 2009

Show #88: Updating the Braves’ 2009 Off Season

The Roy Halladay trade.  Soriano accepts arbitration.  Gonzalez signs with the Orioles.  And Lowe and LaRoche speak out.



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  1. 151
    Bubdylan Says:

    I wouldn’t trade Heyward for Vitters. What are we talking about? Maybe you zigged and I zagged.

    I said I’d trade Vizcaino for Vitters.

  2. 152
    I like baseball. Says:

    No Bub…can’t stay up til midnight 30. As soon as JJ asked about dogs I was out. I knew you would answer and it would make me sad. Love Jay-Hey. I’m just realizing you won’t read this cause there’s a NEW SHOW!

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