December 28, 2009

Show #89: The 2010 Braves? Welcoming Melky and Glaus

Breaking down the Javier Vazquez trade and the Troy Glaus signing.  And hoping more’s on the way.



379 Responses to “Show #89: The 2010 Braves? Welcoming Melky and Glaus”

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  1. 326
    Bubdylan the Homer Says:

    “Are you there, Glaus’ healthy shoulder? It’s me, the 2010 Braves’ playoff chances.”

    I lol’d, Steve.

    Curt, dang it, I was going to think of that one.

    Princess Leah (I hope you’re impressed I keep typing the whole thing cuz it’s a real pain in the ass), I’m not posing as Curt. But if I did, the reason would be obvious: for the women.

  2. 327
    Bubdylan the Homer Says:

    Predictions, anyone?

    Bama 20,
    Texas 17.

  3. 328
    Princess Leah Says:

    Bubdylan the Homer, I’m the Princess…it can’t be helped. I do appreciate the respect and acknowledgment of my royal position.

    Hookem’ Tide! Roll Longhorns!

  4. 329
    Tcc Says:

    Colt, we hardly knew ye..

  5. 330
    Tcc Says:

    OMG…Bama’s marching band looks like they’ve been eating high on the hog!!

  6. 331
    Princess Leah Says:

    I predict that Bub’s prediction of Bama’s score will be low. Very, very low. I also am very thankful I’m not poor Gilbert’s Mama.

  7. 332
    Tcc Says:

    sorry for that remark..unkind. pulling for the rookie and a miracle. otherwise I don’t care who all.

  8. 333
    Princess Leah Says:

    Thorn, you’re forgiven if you tell us your name.

  9. 334
    Wes Welker Says:

    Colt, Bummer, dude..I feel your pain.

  10. 335
    Bubdylan the Homer Says:

    What happened when the Texas quarterback made bail?

    Gilbert Got Freed.

    Roll Tide.

  11. 336
    Wes Welker Says:

    Leah, I’ll tell mine when you tell yours.

  12. 337
    Wes Welker Says:

    oops, another blown cover..

  13. 338
    Steve Says:

    “Do the 2010 Braves have a Glaus ceiling?” – That was fantastic, Curt.

    With no rooting interest in tonight’s game, the McCoy injury is really, really disappointing. Not seeing the game I was promised. Oh well.

  14. 339
    Tcc Says:

    Biblical dose of Ingram coming in the 4th stanza.

  15. 340
    Princess Leah Says:

    Bub, be honest…were you the idiot on the field earlier? Tell the truth.
    Tcc, Princess Leah IS my name and I have the Disney Cinderella coffee mug to prove it.

  16. 341
    Bubdylan the Homer Says:

    No, that wasn’t me. But … can you bail me out of this Pasadena jail on an unrelated charge?

  17. 342
    Anne Says:

    I live in a cave, apparently…and had NO IDEA that Fenway Park goes hockey-style (and ice skating, too??) at this time of year. Holy crap that’s awesome.
    Working at the “Harvard of the South” in Atlanta, when there’s a smattering of snow like this, our photographers always rush out and get lovely wintry photos so that the upper echelon can use them for their holiday cards at the end of the year. I’ve always thought that was hilarious, but honestly if I could snag me a picture of Turner Field covered in snow, that’d be MY Christmas card.

  18. 343
    Princess Leah Says:

    Ditto! Any pic of Turner Field would make a great Christmas card but covered in snow would be dreamy.

  19. 344
    Princess Leah Says:

    Has anyone ever been to Spring Training games? It seems like they would be really fun.

  20. 345
    Bubdylan the Homer Says:

    My favorite football team just won the National Championship, and my feelings about it last night and this morning make me seriously wonder if I’ll be a sports fan that much longer.

    Go Braves!

  21. 346
    Princess Leah Says:

    WHO ARE YOU? Why are the aliens taking over ABTers? First Curt now BdtH. New show quick! We’re all discombobulated!

  22. 347
    Bubdylan the Homer Says:

    Wouldn’t that be “discombubulated”?

  23. 348
    Bubdylan the Homer Says:

    Anyway, pay no attention to me. Just my regularly scheduled bi-weekly internal fandom spiral. I’ll start keeping it to myself eventually. Maybe. Pro’lly not.

  24. 349
    Anne Says:

    Leah – I’ve been to FLA spring training, but not to the Braves. I have a friend who is a die-hard Indians fan (poor thing) and we went down there, oh, I guess about 5 years ago now. It was really a blast. I think it was the Detroit Tigers who had a brand-new field – that was great to see. I absolutley recommend spring training at least once in a lifetime. When you get out of the car, it smells like oranges, and every field has that minor-league homer-type feel to it.

  25. 350
    Jurrjens4NLCY Says:

    Omg, I’m sick of all the last name puns!

    What is this?

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