February 21, 2010

Show #94: Things to Look for in Braves’ 2010 Spring Training

Our final thoughts on Johnny Damon and discussing the Braves’ keys to Spring Training.



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  1. 201
    Bubdylan (as Curt) Says:

    So we’re down to our third best choice for opening day because of health concerns in our first two. Good start.

  2. 202
    Princess Leah Says:

    Therea is the homer!

  3. 203
    Steve Says:

    Bub – that was hilarious. And really uncanny.

  4. 204
    Therea Says:

    Braves will win 102 games this year.

  5. 205
    Will Says:

    rakum frakem shakem grakem…

    oh well if we had to lose, this was the less sucky way.

  6. 206
    Bubdylan Says:

    Yeah, not bad at all. Silver, losing the gold to the hockey freaks of the world in OT in their own country.

    Proud of the team.

  7. 207
    Bubdylan Says:

    Here’s some Mets fans giving props to Chipper. Kind of neat.


  8. 208
    Bubdylan Says:

    Heh, I figured the very next post on that board, after I linked it, would be somebody calling him out on the Hooters thing. And it was.

  9. 209
    Princess Leah Says:

    That is pretty cool but Bub…what you doin fraternizing with the enemy?

  10. 210
    Bubdylan Says:

    I don’t hate the Mets. I think I’ve mentioned this before. Actually I don’t even hate the Phillies.

    Yanksox only. Am I kicked out of the club?

  11. 211
    Princess Leah Says:

    Hmmm…I will need a moment to process.

  12. 212
    Curt Says:

    I would say 4th best opening day starter option though.

  13. 213
    Princess Leah Says:

    Awe…Little Women on the Soap Network. Wait, what? Weird.

  14. 214
    MattChu Says:

    Have a question,how long was Liberty Media suppose to keep the Atlanta Braves before it could be sold? When they do who would be the best candidate? Arthur Blank,Ted Turner or maybe the city of Atlanta ,let the people buy stock. I know its another group but think there would be different results. Never made much sense to me that company that dont even have there home base in Atlanta wanted to buy a Sport Franchise with the recent great history as the Braves wants to tarnish it with there corporate decisions.

  15. 215
    Bubdylan Says:



    I may not hate the Mets, but that shiznit’s funny.

  16. 216
    Princess Leah Says:

    NEW SHOW!!! I bet they’re recording it right now. I bet they are talking to someone super cool. I cannot wait! I read somewhere that the MLB at bat 2010 app was going to include spring training games. Any iphone owners have the 411 on that?

  17. 217
    Steve Says:

    Bub – that YouTube clip is great. About 30 – 45 minutes until the show is posted.

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