February 21, 2010

Show #94: Things to Look for in Braves’ 2010 Spring Training

Our final thoughts on Johnny Damon and discussing the Braves’ keys to Spring Training.



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  1. 176
    Hammy Says:

    I am a little worried about Chipper’s added weight. Isn’t this what Frenchy did at the beginning of his decline? (Granted, Chipper is a lil bit more experienced and talented than Frenchy). Just sayin. It could also be a great thing.

  2. 177
    Bubdylan Says:

    Confucius say: Between ears a Chipper has mind. Between ears a Frenchy has turd. What matter likeness between shoulders?

  3. 178
    Curt Says:

    Hamilton, Superbad as the best Apatow movie? 1. It’s not technically an Apatow movie. 2. Even if it were, 40 Year Old Virgin and even Knocked Up blow it out of the water.

    As far as Chipper, I think the power trip is it. Why else would you bulk up? Which, honestly, is the last thing I want. Chipper needs to hit .360 again. I could care less if he hits 25 homers.

    Wow, that took too long to type. Wine tasting party at the house tonight and I’m all over the place. Watching WWII in HD on TV. If this doesn’t move you….Just amazing stuff.

  4. 179
    MattChu Says:

    I watched the new movie with Vince Vaughn (Couples Retreat) Its purdy good the funniest part in the movie is with the yoga instructor! If you have not seen it you are truly missing out my stomach hurt for 2 days from laughing so hard!!!!

    I do agree Curt ,40 year Old Virgin is imo a classic comedy,i could watch it over and over bout like Forrest Gump on AMC. Speaking of AMC its bout time for North to Alaska and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, they usually make their screening this time of year.

    Well sorry i got off subject. There is an article on Chipper at AJC on his new added weight and why he did it. Some how i feel he will carry his new muscle better than Jeff, for one reason Jeff did it for more power Chipper is doing it so he wont feel weak again by seasons end.

  5. 180
    Will Says:

    Steve – I cant say where this came from exactly, but a certain eye witness of the world baseball classic final game Japan vs. Korea was in the locker room getting it press-ready for after the game. In the 9th inning a certain flame throwing closer with a penchant for pachinko and who got his girlfriend preggo, and whose name rhymes with Pervish, came in to close out the game. But he gives up a game tying dinger. So between the 9th and the 10th, goes to his locker, puts his hand in a big jar of goop, slathers the brim of his cap, goes back and strikes out each batter in the 10th – (although he was a little wild and walked two). One difference between Japan and the MLB, is that in the MLB, the 3rd or 1st baseman puts it on his cap, and when the ball goes round the horn, it gets the business. The Umps are less likely to check a 3rd baseman’s hat/belt.

  6. 181
    Will Says:

    And Im not alone in this, but can I just say that if the US beats Canada in hockey my ecstasy will be close to that if the Braves were to win the WS. Just below, but close. If they lose, oh well. But I dunno, they have a young team, and hockey is literally a 60 minute sprint where if skills are close, fitness can tip the scales. As can a hot goalie. I was there at the game where Dominic Hasek beat the Canada dream team in Nagano in 1998. With Jaromir Jagr. It is one of the top ten hockey games of all time. I was on about the 10th row. I think this memory is in the back of the minds of the Canadians. They know it can happen. So maybe they are better prepared…or maybe it psyches them out… And the USA has nothing whatsoever to lose. Dangerous. I like it….Anyway, go USA….

  7. 182
    Will Says:

    Im on a PC so I can be more prolific… at work the other day I cracked open the transcript of the latest Liberty Meeting conference call discussing their financial results. I think I mentioned that Liberty just sold a big investment here in Japan, to the tune of about $3bn US…

    which upon reflection I realized didnt really mean they are evil…they sold an investment, big deal. I think what made me comment was that they are now loaded with cash, and still they nickel and dime the Braves. But honestly, its sort of a stretch to make that argument…or at least to connect the two.

    So I tried to get further clues as to what they might be thinking. And I got bummed. Looking at their balance sheet, they are actually a pretty crappy company. Even with $3bn in cash, they aren’t what I would call stable. They had over $10bn in goodwill on their BS. Which is a joke. That means they have paid a gazillion dollars for companies, and the price above the market or book price goes on their balance sheet as goodwill. Which means they constantly overpay, for a bunch of shitty telco and media companies, and really they have garbage to show for it. Anyway, in the transcript the president is going through his spiel to investors and after a bunch of platitudes starts going through divisional results. Literally he says “And the Braves, we’re happy with their results, they made it interesting at the end but then didn’t quite make it further. And in our Fixed Line division….”. THATS IT. The Braves are worth a sentence to this guy. I did a little more searching…opening up the PDFs of the past conference calls and searching for the word “Braves” and got…..NOTHING….Except for about 3 years ago when the CFO is gets all jizzed about the tax efficiency of the Braves transaction…..We are so smart, etc.

    Liberty Media Sucks.

    Thanks for your time.

  8. 183
    Curt Says:

    I was told there would be no math

  9. 184
    Princess Leah Says:

    So Curt, you are some what concerned about Chipper hitting 25 homeruns? Cause you know you said you “could care less” meaning you care a little. Will, why do you hate me?

  10. 185
    Will Says:

    Leah – don hate you…laughed at #155…

    but if you mean why did my last three posts give your thumb a cramp…sorry!!


  11. 186
    Hammy Says:

    Didn’t love Couples Retreat. There was some funny parts, but ultimately disappointing. Was also disappointed with 40 y.o. virgin. Was very funny, and I love Steve Carrel, but it got over-hyped for me. Fell apart at the 2/3 mark for me. Don’t know why – love Katherine Keener too.

    Knocked Up was great also. In my mind, not as good as Superbad, but still really good. (Didn’t realize it wasn’t a Apatow movie – has all of his buddies in it.) Now that I did some imdb’ing, I realize that the same dude who did Superbad did Adventureland, which was pretty good too. I like that genre of movies like that.

    Wilbur – the Liberty Media stuff is really interesting, if not completely depressing. Why own the Braves? Certainly they are not making money off of them. Tax efficiency? Go eff yourselves.

    I recently heard about a Washington Wizards fan lamenting about the Salary Cap and how the epic inept owner was touting that they were under the cap and that was a good thing. The fan’s response was basically “Who effing cares? Are you reducing the price of my tickets? Are you making a better product? Congratulations, you are saving your money at the expense of your fans and your team. Rot in hell.”

    I feel the same way about Liberty. I know I have brought this up repeatedly, but we need a single owner (or small group of owners a la the Red Sox) who has an identity, a personality, a heart, and some cojones. I am sure that Terry McGuirk’s kids love him, but he is just a figurehead douchebag. (Pause for apologies – I am getting angrier and angrier – I feel like Curt). Liberty Media is a douchecompany. It’s just as bad as being owned by Donald Sterling, but without the luxury of knowing who to curse and who to make voodoo dolls of. Seriously, when was the last time that a team that was owned by a company won anything? I would love to know. Think about all of the recent champions (in any sport) – they all have owners that could stand up there when they were receiving the trophy and take credit for part of the success. The Braves? They have a VP of Marketing with an oversized check. We might as well sponsor the Home Run Derby. (Not sure if that made sense – Did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!.) The Hawks and the Thrashers have the same problem. The Atlanta Spirit?!? Kill me. We often get left out of the most-tortured sports cities in the U.S. lists, but this whole thing should qualify us. Right?

    Sorry for the ramble – I typed this whole thing while my son was screaming “More Peep! More Peep!”

    I think we are doing a show tonight. I will let Steve share more details.

  12. 187
    Princess Leah Says:

    Preach it Hammy! It just feels like Atl is the WORST sports city. My husband thinks alot of it has to do with Atlanta being filled with mostly transplants. Not sure if it’s valid but he’s right about most things. I say ABT keeps building a following and we buy the team. If only we had another blogger to draw even more brilliant minds. :).

    Will, it’s all good. Just look for my PT bill in the mail. I don’t know if I’m proud or disappointed. I was almost certain guy humor would follow #100. I left that one locked and loaded for you people. *bows to thunderous laughter and applause*. Thankya folks…I’m here all week.
    Elated for a new show!

  13. 188
    Bubdylan Says:

    Oh my, how DID we miss #100??? Wow. Two premium “that’s what she saids” left lying on the table. Gettin’ rusty.

    Re: Liberty, I’m buoyed a little by the hope that even heartless owners are spending mid-market money. If payroll dips any more and starts to look like a slow drain, I might have to bail before I watch Esco, McCann, Jurrjens, Hanson, and Heyward all go bye-bye without a fight from the front office. But if that worst case vision doesn’t happen, maybe we can still make some nice runs with Frank building the youth. Maybe we’ll be like a Florida that does it right (spends a more reasonable amount). I suspect a legitimate small/ mid-market strategy for finding windows for pennants is forming itself in this psycho salary structure.

    Ugh, even I can’t homer this one up. Sell the team.

  14. 189
    Princess Leah Says:

    About to watch some serious hockey! What does a guy do with all those hats from who knows who’s head after a hat trick? I’ve often wondered if a hitter, like Chipper, starts to develope screwy habits when they are constantly pitched junk balls. Can he alter his approach and swing day after day trying to make something out of nothing to his detriment?

  15. 190
    Bubdylan Says:

    Leah, my OCD can beat up your OCD.

  16. 191
    Steve Says:

    Will – freakin’ loved that big jar of goop story! Very, very nice.

    Ham – I’m with you about 40 y/o Virgin. I actually dislike the movie. I still think Apatow’s best work was Freaks and Geeks. Spectacular. If you’ve not seen it (it’s a TV series) fire up Netflix and get on it. Really great. And, the first 1/2 of Funny People is by far, imho, the best movie Apatow’s made.

    New show tonight. Including 10 minute interviews (from today) with a member of the starting rotation and a member of the bullpen. Big names, people. Big names!

  17. 192
    Bubdylan Says:

    Can’t wait to hear the show. ABT rules.

  18. 193
    Princess Leah Says:

    Bub, you are soooo on. My sisters mockingly say my kid’s are going to grow up and be amazed at the taste of food without the aftertaste of hand sanatizer. I swear, you and I are distant cousins.
    I liked 40 yo virgin but not as much as Dan in Real Life and while it doesn’t have Steve C. 50 First Dates is one of my Favorites.

  19. 194
    Princess Leah Says:

    Me too! Give us a clue Steve! There won’t be any “flu like symptom” sound effects will there?

  20. 195
    Steve Says:


  21. 196
    Steve Says:

    Lowe gets the opening day nod. Good ol’ Bobby.

  22. 197
    Bubdylan Says:

    Go Braves 2011.

    Good ol’ Bobby.

  23. 198
    Princess Leah Says:

    Maybe a hint or maybe sound effects. Hockey’s very stressful. I need a hint to distract me. Trying to explain to 9 year old why this game has no fighting. He’s pretty bummed about it. NEW SHOW!!!!! Hint pleeeeeeaaaase!

  24. 199
    Princess Leah Says:

    What happened to Homer? Somebody’s gotta start. I guess I still don’t get how it makes THAT big of a difference. There are so many games and each team has occassional strange 2 game or 4 game series. I can’t wrap my brain around it.

  25. 200
    Bubdylan Says:

    “Somebody’s gotta start. I guess I still don’t get how it makes THAT big of a difference.”

    It’s not a big deal by itself. Just like if you see a guy walking down the street with a boot on one foot and a flip flop on the other, he’ll probably be able to get to where he’s going. But it’s a clue about the decisions he’ll make once he gets there.

    Okay, anecdote fail.

    Really, I don’t think it’s that bad of a decision. He’s starting Huddy 4th because this will give him 5 days rest his first two starts. That’s smart. He’s not starting Jurrjens first because they’re being careful with him. So, next in line is Lowe. I’m just bing Silly with “2011.) Homer lives.

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