March 08, 2010

Show #96: Our Interview with Martin Gandy of Talking Chop

We talk to Martin about his blogs, his new book, and story lines from Spring Training.



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  1. 126
    Princess Leah Says:

    Hah!!!! Leah’s having wine with dinner…that’s a warning. Go Braves!

  2. 127
    Bubdylan Says:

    Nice, Will. That’s hilarious.

    Lowe with a golden 4th inning.

    Grand total: 6 ground outs. 6 strike outs. No hits. No walks. Only base runner was an error by Hinske that would have been another ground out.


  3. 128
    Princess Leah Says:

    Does that mean we can’t call him Mister Blister anymore?

  4. 129
    Bubdylan Says:

    Mister Fixedher.

  5. 130
    Will Says:

    couldnt resist…having third coffee at work…thats a warning!

  6. 131
    Bubdylan Says:


  7. 132
    Princess Leah Says:

    He’s the bomb…which is not the same as McLouth. Actually it’s quite different.

  8. 133
    Bubdylan Says:

    where is show.

  9. 134
    Bubdylan (as Homer) Says:

    Lowe was BEASTLY, I tell ya. BEAST. LEE.

    New mechanics. New toe. New year. New man.

    I love it.

  10. 135
    Will Says:

    Toetally awesome.

  11. 136
    Bubdylan (as Homer) Says:

    Cox has been offering no such quotes about McLouth, none of the “he’s hitting line drives and just having bad luck” stuff. Not at all. There’s been a conspicuous lack of such comments, in fact.” -DOB

    Boy, how’d ya like to be Nate, huh? The one guy in the universe that doesn’t get the gloss-over from Bobby. I hope the kid’s got some toughness.

  12. 137
    Bubdylan (as Homer) Says:

    Will’s on FIYAH! lol.

    Toetally. Heh.

    Ooh, I got one, I got one. Lowe gets back on his feet. Yeah? No? 🙁

    Getting back on the right foot? Maybe?


    Okay: This little piggy got six strike outs.

    I need a drink.

  13. 138
    BluesMan Says:

    Can’t wait for the new show…How much more access are you 3 gonna be getting this year at the TED covering our team?

  14. 139
    Steve Says:

    Bobby’s silence about McLouth is strange, isn’t it? I hadn’t noticed it, but it’s really quite glaring. I thought Bobby’s dog house was only big enough for Escobar.

    Hey BluesMan – we’ll have more access this year in that we’ll have credentials from the start of the season. And, maybe more importantly, we’ll be more comfortable given our experiences from last year. And hopefully that leads to more stuff.

    New show should be up in about 30 minutes.

  15. 140
    Princess Leah Says:

    Steve, if you need an assistant you let me know. I can fetch a mean cup of coffee, wow them with my charm and always have an extra pencil.

  16. 141
    Bubdylan (as Homer) Says:

    Here’s a vid of Lowe’s K’s. He looks freaking great.

  17. 142
    Bubdylan (as Homer) Says:

    Team Quotes from Leah’s first day as Steve’s assistant:

    Prado: “Can somebody get this lady off my pant leg?”

    Bobby: “Ma’am, there’s no nudity in the clubhouse.”

    Lowe: “For the last time, lady, you can’t see my toe. It’s just a toe. The blister’s gone. Can somebody…?”

    Wagner: “Okay, thanks for the hug. Alright, I’d better… hey, another hug, thanks so much. Well, I’d best be… woo, what a hugger. Okay, then… hey Bobby… a little help?”

    Javy Lopez: “Speaka no English! Speaka no English!” *runs for the tunnel*

  18. 143
    Princess Leah Says:

    Laughing way out loud.

  19. 144
    Bubdylan (as Homer) Says:


    New Show’s Up! Woo Hoo!

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