April 01, 2009

The Frozen Splinter

So there I was, between Ted Williams’ head and Walt Disney when the news came-in: Chipper signs a 3-year Extension! I guess I won’t be freezing myself after all, but it does get me thinking…

When it was announced this past winter that John Smoltz had signed with the Red Sox, I didn’t believe it. I took a glance at the headline, then a second…John Smoltz, isn’t a Brave? What the hell? Is this a dream? Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The room temperature rose to 212° and my stomach began to eat itself.

I took a couple deep breaths and read the article in full. OK, I didn’t read most of it, but I saw the words JOHN SMOLTZ and RED SOX. I took another deep breath and closed my browser. It was as if one of my closest friends had betrayed me. Since I was seven this guy’s worn a Tomahawk across his chest. He’s John Smoltz…he’s Mr. Brave, and he’s no longer a Brave?

As days went on, I was forced to relive this travesty on SportsCenter and the MLB Network. It just would NOT go away!

After several weeks of therapy where I stared at inkblots (they all looked like they had a beard), I started to regain sanity. The sting was still there, still is, but not as bad as initially—probably because I still don’t believe 100% that it has happened. The signings of Derek Lowe, Kenshin Kawakami, Garret Anderson, and re-signing of Tom Glavine have eased my mind back into reality (somewhat) and give me reason to think things are going to be OK.

Tuesday’s announcement that Chipper Jones will be a Brave until 2013 (including the option year) is something I needed to hear. Granted I will always be a Braves fan, but when our players, our heroes, idolized by so many Braves fans wear other uniforms, their heroism is diminished.

Maybe it’s because we know that everything will eventually come to an end; baseball included. Idols such as Babe Ruth…Hank Aaron…and my hero Dale Murphy have come and gone from the game, but with Chipper signing this deal, we can rest assured that we’ll have the privilege to watch #10 for a few more years.

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Until Next time…Go Braves!



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    Erodge Says:

    I heard that in Boston they are having a Ted Williams bobblehead night. NOT bobblehead doll night…just bobblehead night.

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