July 18, 2009

The Return of Frenchy

It’s not right.  Jeff Francoeur arrived at the Ted on Thursday for the Braves’ 4-game series against the New York Mets…in a METS uniform.  I am coming to terms with Smoltz in a Red Sox uniform, I’m over Glavine leaving for the Mets in ’03, but this—this seems different.  It wasn’t Frenchy’s choice…nor, would it have been mine…

I will always be a Braves fan through and through and still want Frenchy to succeed—just not with the Mets. COME ON! THE METS! AHHKK!  I’m gonna’ change topics before my girlfriend needs to get the defibrillator out…

Much Love for the Mad-Dog: The Braves retired the Great Greg Maddux’s jersey number in a pre-game ceremony on Friday, something I really needed to see.  More importantly, it was something needed to make me feel better.  Maddux is without a doubt the best pitcher I have seen in my 29 years on Earth (not to imply I lived on any other planets).  I’ve never enjoyed watching a game more than when Maddux took the mound—mainly because I knew the Braves were going to win.  He is also the one pitcher (of the big three) I never had hard feelings about.  Tom Glavine left for the Mets and John Smoltz for the Sox…but when Maddux left to re-join the Cubs, the team he started with, it felt right. I never wanted to pound him when he came to Atlanta, as I did with Glavine, and respected him as an opponent.

Trade Rumors: The rumor of Yunel Escobar to the Oakland A’s for Matt Holliday and Orlando Cabrera has to be put to bed.  Also, the names Kris Medlen and Jordan Schafer have to be removed from any trade talks.  None of these rumors make ANY sense for the Braves if they ever want to win.

Why would the Braves trade Yunel Escobar, a potential big-time player, for two above average rent-a-players?  Furthermore, why would they trade Medlen and/or Schafer for the same?  Answer: They wouldn’t— or they damn well better not (FRANK WREN)!

When the Braves included SS Elvis Andrus in the package for Mark Teixeira, they essentially confirmed Yunel was their SS of the future, so trading him away for two guys who are free agents at the end of the year is ludicrous!  By the way, who would replace Escobar at SS?  Diory Hernandez?  Can’t happen!  Won’t happen.

Under the Mango Tree: I am hoping the Phillies’ signing of Pedro Martinez means they will pull back their pursuit for Roy Halladay.  I don’t want (arguably) the best pitcher in the majors to play for a division rival who the Braves are six games behind as it is.  Adding Halladay to Hammels would finally give the Phillies a legitimate 1-2 punch.  They won a World Series without a 1-2, what would they do with one?

Secondly, I take joy in watching Martinez destroy a team’s chemistry and bullpen. The one thing the Phillies need is a starting pitcher who will take them deep into games, alleviating stress on their bullpen.  By adding Martinez, they will actually be putting MORE stress on Ryan Madsen and the rest of the Phils’ pen. So all I can say is—GOOD! I will enjoy watching Pedro hold the Phillies back. With any luck, it will be enough to allow the Braves gain some ground.

Top Prospect Shines: Before I forget— did anybody watch the Futures Game during All-Star weekend?  Jason Heyward made a nice catch.  He also went 1-2 on the day…he’s good.  Really good.  He’s been ripping the ball since he was called up to AA Mississippi two weeks ago, along with 1B Freddie Freeman, and pitchers Kevin Gunderson and Tommy Palica. Heyward is hitting .367 (11 for 30) 9 RBI 1.044 OPS. By the way, he was just named the #1 prospect in MLB by Baseball America in their Mid-Season Update.  It looks like both Heyward, and Freeman (hitting .324 since the call), will finish the year in Mississippi…and next year…who knows?  I’m ecstatic about a 2010 Braves outfield that could potentially contain Nate McLouth, Jordan Schafer and Jason Heyward…possibly an actual major-league-caliber outfield!  Hey, it takes some of the sting out of seeing Francoeur in a Mets uniform.

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Until next time…Go Braves!



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