August 21, 2008

This Week In Baseball (Stinks If You Like The Braves)

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~JB @ TheLaunchingPad

People, I’m sorry my updates from “On The Field” have been somewhat sparse lately. It’s been a crazy, weird, mixed up kinda life. 

But the JB abides. 

I won’t use the whole “There’s nothing to write about in regard to the Braves” since they’ve been stinking like week old tossed out fish lately. It’s still the Braves and it’s still baseball. I just have had trouble finding the time to sit down and type in between keeping the Launching Pad fresh. 

Admittedly, yes it’s hard to find motivation to write about the team you love when you’re watching their butts promptly handed right back to them upon seemingly every game they’ve played in since the All Star Break. 

But here’s a summary in brief to bring us back up to today. 

The Braves got swept, at home, by the Cubs and their godawful fans who showed up in full force. They rudely chanted “Let’s Go Cubs” every inning to make sure that we didn’t forget that they had attended the game. I wonder how many would’ve arrived had the Cubs been in last place this year. 

Then the Giants came to town. Tim Lincecum pitched one game so the Braves had no chance of winning that one but the other two the Braves could win were dropped making it impossible for them to have a winning record over a team that’s “worse” than them. 

Then we head to New York. I’m thinking to myself that the Braves could have a road performance like the one they had in Arizona. But alas, the 3-2 lead we took into the eighth behind a remarkable call up performance by none other than Jo-Jo “I’m here for Tommy” Reyes, was wasted in the eighth and the Braves lost, again. 

Last night, Jurrjens who has been our best starter all year had a rough first and couldn’t bounce back. That is to say, the Braves never got a good number of runs to get us back in it. Mike Pelfrey threw a 3 run complete game to get the win (presumably more because of how bad the Mets bullpen has been of late than because of Pelfrey’s prowess). 

So that’s where we are to date. A series win in New York would’ve done nothing more than damage the Mets chances a little and given us bragging rights. Which technically we still have since we’re 7-4 against the Flushing Fellas but to get swept in New York would be nothing short of a kick square in the pants. 

Pedro’s on the hill tonight for the Mets and Hampton goes for win number 3 at 7:10 pm in Shea. 

Just keep choppin’, folks. 



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