March 25, 2009

Tom vs. Tommy…winner: Tom

Just a quick Wednesday note before Lost. I heard Buster Olney say today that the Braves have decided to start superstar prospect Tommy Hanson in Gwinnett this year. As much as I loved seeing that kid pitch this spring, and as excited as I am to start the Tommy Hanson era in Atlanta, this, if confirmed, was probably the best decision.

The only place for Hanson in Atlanta, right now, is in the bullpen. Not a bad plan, really. He could be a dominating force coming out of the pen. But, as has been discussed elsewhere recently, the Braves have an enviable problem to deal with in their bullpen – too many arms, not enough jobs. Therefore, sticking an unproven (outside of spring) young talent like Hanson in the bullpen both robs the Braves of a position for one of their plethora of pitchers as well as starting Hanson’s arbitration clock while sticking him in a part-time position.

Personally, I’m happier knowing Tommy is going to be on a regular schedule, down in Gwinnett, smoking AAA hitters on his hard charge to the Major Leagues. In the meantime, we can fill the bullpen with the guys we have, guys like Buddy Carlyle, who thrived in his role as long-reliever/spot starter last year.

Man, I wish the Braves were still in Richmond this year. Richmond is one hour from me…Gwinnett is about eleven. Sigh…



2 Responses to “Tom vs. Tommy…winner: Tom”

  1. 1
    Curt Says:

    I’m still convinced that this is also based on the arbitration clock. No sense in getting it going when they have other options.

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    I think that plays into but the fact that they signed Glavine is the deciding factor. Who do you replace in the rotation with Hanson? Not the 3 guys you signed this winter. Not JJ who was our best pitcher last year. And you don’t go to the trouble of signing Tommy G and then not start him if he can go. The cupboard is full. What a difference a year makes. I’ll stop at 2 cliches.

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